Purchasing a car can be an extremely stressful experience. We want all of our customers to be excited about investing in a new vehicle!  We’ve created a guide to assist you in reducing the stress you may feel when it comes to shopping for and purchasing a new-to-you car, truck, or van. Read on to find out more.

Going into a dealership to buy a car can feel very daunting. Most people do not enjoy the process, but we promise we’ll walk you through it. Your main goal is always to get the right vehicle at a price that works for you. The first few things you need to consider are what you need your vehicle for, what do you want, and what can you realistically afford? Once you can answer each of these questions, your search can begin!

It’s extremely important to acknowledge what you need your vehicle for. If you are only looking for a commuter for work, you may consider a midsize sedan. If your job requires you to tow and haul often, a truck will be your best bet. If you have a large family and need space to take them and all their belongings around town, a van or minivan will work for you. Knowing the size and type of vehicle you need will narrow down your options immensely.

Once you’ve figured that out, think about what you want. It’s important to be realistic about your desires. Just because you don’t NEED a truck, doesn’t mean you should eliminate one from the running if that’s what you’ve had your eye on as long as it’s in your budget.

Now the most important thing to consider: what can you realistically afford? You’ll need to determine how much money you can use for a down payment as well as what you’re able to afford month to month. Set a firm limit that you do not stray from. It isn’t worth it to invest in a vehicle you can’t truly afford as you’ll struggle to meet your payment monthly.

Once these three major questions have been answered, you get to have fun! Check out the inventory online, read reviews, and visit dealerships in person to test out cars on your list. Take them for test drives and don’t rush your decision. You want to make sure you feel comfortable behind the wheel and have found exactly what you want!