The more someone travels, the more they understand the importance of packing: what to pack, how to pack, when to pack, what to pack it into! The one thing that always takes up way too much space is the towel.

For beach trips, regular cotton towels take up most of the bag; same thing goes for camping trips and weekend getaways.  This is where the microfiber towel from VENTURE 4TH comes into the picture. Not only is their towel noticeably softer than the competition, it’s compact, lightweight, durable, and odorless as well.

This towel comes in 9 very trendy color variations (Blue/Pink, Gray/Blue, Gray/Pink, Green/Blue, Navy/Gray, Orange/Gray, Pink/Gray, Purple/Gray and Red/White) and in 3 sizes (Medium, Large and Extra Large). Because of the popularity the quick drying travel towel has amassed, VENTURE 4TH is also going to be adding a new microfiber beach towel option to the product line by the end of the month!

The Medium towel (21” x 40”) is the smallest option and a great choice for the gym, on a hike, or on the golf course. Its compact size fits easily into a daypack, suitcase or gym bag and can be used to wipe down a gym bench or the sweat off your brow when you reach the lookout point on a mountain top.

The Large towel (31.5” x 60”) is the perfect choice for the hot yoga studio or a dip in the lake while camping. The odorless and anti-bacterial qualities of this towel means you no longer have to worry about the musty wet towel smell on your clothes or in your bag that so many of us have experienced with the bulky traditional towels. On top of that, these hygienic sports towels are designed to be reused multiple times.

The Extra Large towel (31.5” x 72”) is just the thing for lazy days by the pool, or even as a make-shift blanket for the airplane. It’s big enough to completely wrap around your body, and the quick-drying properties guarantee that the towel dries 10 times faster than the traditional cotton ones. Although the material is super absorbent when soaking up water, it repels dirt and sand.

Each towel also has a handy loop that makes it easy to hang, and comes with a traveling mesh bag to keep your things organized. Because the towel is so compact it won’t take up any room in your luggage which means everything will finally fit into one bag. The Lifetime Warranty on the towel means that you never have to question the quality of the product.

This ultra-thin, ultra-absorbent, ultra-soft travel towel will become your go-to during every excursion and adventure. Whether it’s at the gym, in the yoga studio, on the course, by the pool or in the air, the VENTURE 4TH microfiber towel has got you covered. It can be purchased directly through their website or from the Amazon store.

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