Used car shopping carries a stigma that’s been around for decades. If reality perfectly reflected what popular culture and television depicted, then the world would be occupied by shady salesmen who are looking to rip people off with reckless abandon. This is not the case, and today we’re going to shine a light on some of the misconceptions and myths that are constantly associated with shopping for a used car.

Are Used Cars Junk?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, many used cars are very reliable. Many manufacturers now offer CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) programs that feature vehicles with limited wear and tear and have undergone lengthy inspections to ensure quality. What’s more, many are backed by warranty coverage for further peace of mind.

Will I Pay More Than it’s Worth?

There are several resources, such as Kelly Blue Book, which releases a new publication each year which breaks down the market value for what a used car is worth. If you’re wary about the condition of what the vehicle might be in, have a pre-purchase inspection performed or ask to see a CARFAX report which informs you of its history.

Are Used Cars Safe?

When it comes to the safety of a vehicle, there are also resources available that provide complete transparency. The NHTSA and IIHS conduct testing every year to determine how safe a vehicle is in the event of a collision. Consumer Reports also evaluates every make and model every year and makes recommendations on which models are safest.

You’ll find that when you visit a dealership, there are a variety of ways to purchase a used car. You can utilize a car loan to finance your purchase, and many people like to trade in their current vehicle and use it as a form of equity. This works as a down payment and can even lower your monthly payments by a considerable amount.

Are Used Cars Cost-Effective?

You’ll find that while paying less than you would for a brand-new vehicle, you’ll also be saving in other ways. Used vehicles are much cheaper to insure, and the sales tax that you’ll be paying is a lot less. Used cars have great cost-effectiveness that accompanies them.