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Eliza Pesuit on Access to Global Education for High School Students

Executive Director Eliza Pesuit recalls her early life growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, with parents from very different backgrounds. Her dad is from Serbia and her mom is from Russia. Her dad is Christian and her mom is Jewish. At a young age, Eliza learned to value differences and as she ... READ MORE

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Dania Taleb is a graduate of Summit Public Schools in San Jose, California, and a current Sophomore at California State University Long Beach. Dania traveled to Guaranda, Ecuador in 2019 and experienced her FIRST global travel experience with Global Glimpse. “While I was born and raised in the US, I identify strongly as a Libyan American. I am... READ MORE

Gaby’s First Time Feeling Truly Seen


Gabriela Morales, a graduate of Summit Rainier High School in San Jose, California, traveled to Riobamba, Ecuador with Global Glimpse in 2019. In this week’s FIRST story, Gaby shares her powerful experience of her FIRST time feeling truly seen. “When I first heard about Global Glimpse, I was a freshman in high school and it was actually my older... READ MORE


Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, Zephaniah Langley is a college freshman at Northeastern University studying Mechanical Engineering. He is a proud Global Glimpse alum who experienced his FIRST time on a plane as part of the Global Glimpse 2021 travel experience to Costa Rica. “I was standing in the airport with a bag in one hand and my... READ MORE

Gianna’s First Passport


Gianna Morales is a high school junior at Bronx Center for Science and Math in New York City, a recipient of the Away Passport Scholarship, and an applicant of the Global Glimpse 2022 program. “My grandpa is my biggest inspiration. Before he passed, he instilled in me the desire to see the world. He always told me to travel, to see the... READ MORE